Do You Need A Waterline Repair Or Replacement?: 3 Deciding Factors

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the average household leak wastes 10,000 gallons of water each year. Water damage and freezing account for 19.5% of all property damage claims.

Pipes don’t last forever. Some Materials last longer than others.

It may be time for a waterline repair. But if the damage is too extensive, you may need a main water line replacement.

There are three main factors to help you determine if you’re going to need a repair or a replacement. Keep reading to find out what those factors are.

Signs You Need Either a Waterline Repair or Replacement

There are several things that may happen which will signal it’s time to call in the experts to take a look at your pipes such as:

Soggy Spots on Lawn

If you discover damp or soggy spots on your lawn, especially during dry weather, your water line may be leaking below the surface of your lawn.

Water Discoloration

A rust-brown tint isn’t harmful to your health, but it may indicate there’s a problem with the waterline. Brown, rusty colored water can be a sign that you have corrosion, dirt, and soil entering through the cracks or may be due to the types of pipes you have.

Higher Water Bills

If you notice an increase in your water bill you may need a waterline repair or replacement. It may also just indicate you have a hidden leak in your home.

Low Water Pressure

A drop in water pressure may mean your waterline is losing water due to leaking.

1. Age and/or Material of Piping

There are several types of materials that are and/or have been used to make supply pipes. Supply pipes are under constant pressure.

When they leak, they often cause water damage.

Illegal Piping Materials

Galvanized steel lasts between 20 and 50 years. However, many areas, such as NYC no longer permit galvanized steel to be used in plumbing. Lead pipes are also not allowed any longer due to health risks.

If you discover your pipes were made from either of these materials, there is no chance you can get a waterline repair. You’ll have to replace all of the pipes made from galvanized steel or lead.

Legal, Safe Piping

Brass pipes last between 40 and 70 plus years. These are legal and commonly used. However, they aren’t used very commonly.

Copper pipes are also legal and last at least fifty years. The third commonly piping material is ductile iron pipe should last around 100 years.

Drain Lines

Keep in mind drain line pipes can also be made from various materials. A cast iron drain line lasts between 75 and 100 years.

A PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe lasts indefinitely.

2. History of Past Repairs

Let’s face it, the more times you’ve had a plumber out to fix an underground water pipe, the less likely it is you can continue having repairs done. That’s because, once a water pipe is repaired, they’re much more likely to have further issues in the future.

In this case, it makes more sense economically to invest in a main water line replacement.

3. Extent of Damage

A small crack means you just need a repair. A burst line or a line with extreme corrosion means you’ll need to replace the entire line.

Call in the Experts

Whether you need a waterline repair or replacement, you’ll need to call in the experts to do the job correctly. We can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment.