Important Steps to Take if You’ve Encountered a Plumbing Emergency

Experiencing a plumbing emergency can be a nightmare. Something went wrong and most likely needs emergency repair. Pro Tip: act FAST. The steps below will educate you as to what you should to if you are currently experiencing a plumbing emergency. However, it is critical that all homeowners are aware of the very important steps that need to be taken should they ever encounter a plumbing emergency in the future.

5 Crucial Steps to Take if You’ve Experienced a Plumbing Emergency:

  1. React! The first step is to acknowledge that you are experiencing a plumbing emergency. Next, you MUST locate the water shut off valve. By shutting off the water, you will stop all additional water from entering your home, thus minimizing water damage drastically.
  2. After you shut-off the water, it is a good idea to open all sink faucets to drain the water from the pipes to further decrease the chances of more damage
  3. Don’t attempt to fix these issues yourself; you’ll run the risk of further damage. Now would be the time to contact an emergency local plumber in the Atlanta, Georgia area, such as A-Plus Priority Plumbing. With 24/7 emergency services and seven locations throughout Georgia, we will be there when you need us.
  4. While waiting for A-Plus Priority Plumbing to arrive, begin to remove furniture, electronics and any other valuable items from the area. This will potentially prevent them from being ruined from water damage.
  5. Once the situation is under control, discuss with A-Plus Priority Plumbing their Water Restoration Solutions, which includes the following:
    • Water extraction
    • Removing of unsalvageable material
    • Thorough cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing
    • Hauling away of any dangerous debris

We’re Here to Help, 24/7

Although experiencing a plumbing emergency can be extremely stressful, at A-Plus Priority Plumbing we are here to help you get your home or office back in order. With over 50 years of experience, we are proud to offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to the Atlanta Metro & Marietta areas as well as Powder Springs, Douglasville, Mableton and Austell, Georgia.

If your home or office has incurred a plumbing emergency, call A-Plus Priority Plumbing at (770) 744-0875.

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